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Rupp House Renovation

Help Us Renovate Rupp

Exterior of the Rupp House History Center in Gettysburg

Hands on history at the Rupp House.

Join us as we renovate the Rupp House History Center to provide a fresh, new, engaging educational experience for families and our younger visitors.

Thousands of families have experienced the hands-on exhibits at the Rupp House, and with all of that love and attention, the displays receive a lot of wear and tear. The exhibits, the displays, the entire experience are in great need of updates.

Don't worry, we're still telling the story of the Rupp family.

We may even let John out of the cellar.

Help us renovate the Rupp House for an engaging new experience, Spring 2021.

Renovate the Rupp House

Help us introduce a new generation of learners
to the stories of Gettysburg.


An updated, renovated Rupp House will continue sharing the civilian stories of Gettysburg
while focusing on the experience of Gettysburg's children during the three-day battle.


First-person accounts, more interactive experiences and an illustrated journey await.

Citizen Stories

Tillie Pierce. Lloyd Watts. Lydia Ziegler. Sallie Meyers.

Experience the stories of Gettysburg through the words of the civilians who lived here during and after the battle.

Engaging first-hand accounts and interactive exhibits will bring the stories to life for your children, grandchildren and a new generation of young historians and preservationists. 

Historic. Not Out of Date.

Ever since the Friends of the National Park at Gettysburg purchased the property in 2002, the Rupp House has served as a history center - telling the stories of the civilian and soldier experiences during the battle, the aftermath and the preservation efforts. 

None of that will change.

The Rupp House will receive a much needed update, some new technology and exhibits, and will always remain accessible, educational and - most of all - historic.