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Leadership Development & Education

Real People. Real Decisions. Real Outcomes.

Inspired by the actions of real-life decision makers at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Join us "In the Footseps of Leaders®" and our leadership training programs for an immersive experience on the historic battlefield. Together you’ll learn the lessons of communication, strategic planning, team building, adaptability and decision making.

  • Learn leadership lessons from a curriculum developed by battlefield historians, leadership development experts and business executives.
  • Increase the ability to address conflict and lead through challenging situations.
  • Build and develop senior leadership skills.
  • Overcome organizational challenges and prepare for future opportunities.

Make Your Decision

Email us or call 717-339-2154
to customize your leadership program.

Corporate Leadership Programs

Explore the leadership challenges of a "Community in Crisis," view the timeless lessons of "Lincoln as a Leader"  or customize a program specifically for your team.

An outstanding event marked by very knowledgeable professionals who were both very kind and excellent communicators. Informative, educational and enjoyable—made for a rewarding learning experience.

—Sean O’Doherty, Trader Joe’s