NPS ALERT: Face coverings required for visitors over age two, regardless of vaccination status, in the following outdoor areas when social distancing is not possible: Little Round Top, 44th NY & PA Monuments, all observation towers.

Virtual Gettysburg

Buford at sunrise

Gettysburg has always been a source of inspiration, courage and devotion.

At the Gettysburg Foundation we're dedicated to ensuring it will always remain that way.

During these challenging times, we're continuing our mission to preserve these hallowed grounds and connect all generations to the lasting significance of the battle, the people and our "new birth of freedom."

While our Museum & Visitor Center is now open, we have put together a collection of resources to help bring Gettysburg to anyone who wishes to delay a visit to Gettysburg at this time.

We know nothing can replace the experience of actually viewing the Cyclorama, exploring the museum and touring the battlefield. 

But, we hope these few simple reminders will provide you with some inspiration until you are ready to once again visit Gettysburg.

Experience our Historic Sites

Learn more about Gettysburg historic sites like the George Spangler Farm & Field Hospital, Rupp House History Center and Gettysburg National Cemetery as you make plans to visit us...soon.


Some of our historic sites are currently closed for the season, opening the spring/summer season soon or preparing to open in late summer with new attractions. Check our website for updates on availability, programming and schedules throughout the year.



Plan Your Next Visit to Gettysburg.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Take a look at the opportunities available to you when you're ready to plan your next visit to Gettysburg.