Mobile Tickets

Mobile Tickets are the easiest and a touch free way to access tickets to your exhibit, tour, program or event. When Mobile Tickets is selected at checkout - your mobile phone is your ticket.

The Mobile Tickets method is easy – and touch free. 

Mobile Tickets delivered via Email:

Your Mobile Tickets are always accessible from your online Gettysburg Foundation account. In addition, your Mobile Tickets will be sent to the email address associated with your Gettysburg Foundation account.

Your Mobile Tickets will arrive in a separate email from the order confirmation. A link is available within the email to view the tickets in an internet browser if desired. 

Upon arrival to your exhibit, tour, program or event, follow these steps: 

Note: Mobile Tickets are available 24-hours before an event. 

  • Locate your tickets in your Gettysburg Foundation account online. 
  • Show your tickets to the ticket scanner. 
  • Your barcode is scanned for admission. 

How To Access Your Mobile Tickets from your Gettysburg Foundation account online: 

Visit using your mobile internet. 
Log in to your Gettysburg Foundation account and locate your upcoming events. 
Tap View Tickets and show to the ticket scanner. 
Your phone will be scanned for admission. 


Note: Mobile Tickets are not available for all exhibits, tours, programs and events. Refer to your ticket order in your account.  


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