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2017 News

Gettysburg Foundation Looks Ahead to Inform and Educate

November 10, 2017

The Board of Directors of the Gettysburg Foundation has unanimously adopted a new strategic plan that places Gettysburg in the center of national conversations over citizenship, leadership, conflict, and conciliation in American democracy.  

The foundation of those conversations will be the epic battle of the American Civil War, the site of President’s Lincoln Gettysburg Address, and the residence of President Dwight Eisenhower, a military hero and statesman. 

“Within a couple square miles here in Gettysburg, we have three historically significant venues that provide perfect openings for non-partisan, constructive dialogue about the great American democratic experiment,” said Dr. Matthew Moen, president of the Gettysburg Foundation. “We are committed to a thoughtful, inclusive society.  We will always look back to the battle here, but we can also look ahead to ways that we can serve our nation during a rather tumultuous time.”  

The new strategic plan sets out four major goals: acquisition and preservation, improving the visitor experience, educating the public about democracy, and further strengthening the Foundation’s financial model.  

“The Gettysburg Foundation has provided more than $20 million in support of Gettysburg National Military Park over the last decade,” noted Eric Schultz, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Gettysburg Foundation. “With the adoption of our new strategic plan, we are doing precisely what James Madison famously described as refining and enlarging the public view, using the sacred ground and historical treasures of Gettysburg to inform and educate the American people.”