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2017 News

Gettysburg Foundation Breaks Ground on Additional Geothermal Project

November 1, 2017


A geothermal heating and cooling system was installed during construction.


The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center has operated with a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System since it opened in 2008. The design team selected a geothermal system to maintain a precise daily temperature and relative humidity required for preservation of Civil War artifacts and the colossal, historic Gettysburg Cyclorama painting depicting Pickett’s Charge.

The Museum and Visitor Center facility requires 40% less energy than a conventional building of its size. This is possible because of our closed-loop geothermal heating system, high efficiency lighting and air conditioning, high performance low E window glass, a tighter thermal building envelope and a building monitoring system that tracks and controls energy usage.

Our geothermal system currently has 168 wells at a depth of 550 feet that use the earth’s constant 55-degree temperature to heat and cool the facility. In January 2018, Gettysburg Foundation will begin construction of a project to add 103 wells, for a total of 271 wells when complete. The additional wells will increase energy efficiency to continue to maintain the precise temperature and relative humidity conditions while further reducing energy costs. The Foundation anticipates completing the project in early summer 2018.

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