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2018 News

Gettysburg Foundation Accepts Generous Donation from Longtime Friend

February 7, 2018



Steven Pacholyk’s interest in Gettysburg came at a very young age. He made his first trip to the Gettysburg National Military Park at 8 years old with his parents and was forever changed. “That first trip was more than a family trip for me,” Steven recalled. “Gettysburg called out to me in a very personal way. It was then, that I decided to dedicate my life to studying the great battle and it has become a life long journey.”

Steven went on to become the youngest living Licensed Battlefield Guide in Gettysburg’s history and the second youngest to pass the Guide’s exam at just 16 years old. While he has also gone on to have a very successful career in business and as an entrepreneur, Gettysburg remains very important to him.

This past year, Steven deepened his commitment to Gettysburg by joining the Guardians Society and making a large planned gift to the Foundation stating, “It is our duty as Americans to preserve and respect this special place. The Gettysburg Foundation is an incredible organization that offers a unique opportunity for people of all backgrounds to come together for a common cause; to preserve this battlefield and the memory of those who fought here for generations to come.”

“We are so appreciative of Steven’s contribution to assist us with our vast preservation and education mission,” said Gettysburg Foundation President Dr. Matthew C. Moen. “His depth of knowledge about and passion for Gettysburg and its expanded story is inspiring to all of us.”

To learn more about joining the Guardians Society and making a planned gift to the Gettysburg Foundation, contact Ben Hansford, 717-339-2101 or