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2018 News

Moen To Speak at Elizabethtown College

February 9, 2018


Matthew C. Moen, president, Gettysburg Foundation


Disagreement now permeates American public life, with citizens telling pollsters that political conflict is becoming a significant source of stress in their personal lives. How do we restore a better atmosphere? How do we build a more positive outlook? Looking back to respectful leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln, whose Gettysburg Address spoke clearly of the unfinished work of democracy, Matthew C. Moen, president of the Gettysburg Foundation, will take a look at fixing civility in American democracy at Elizabethtown College on February 12, 2018. Open to the public.

About Elizabethtown College

Elizabethtown College, with 1,671 undergraduates from 28 states and 23 foreign countries, is an independent, residential, coeducational college in historic Lancaster County, in south-central Pennsylvania. The College, established by the Church of the Brethren in 1899, maintains 18 academic departments, offering 45 majors and 108 minors and concentrations. The core curriculum emphasizes the arts, humanities and sciences.