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2018 News

Matthew C. Moen, Ph.D.: Spring Civility Tour

March 27, 2018


Veterans arriving, Gettysburg, June 30, 1913 for "the Great Reunion," commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress

Disagreement permeates American public life, with leaders locked in struggle over public policy choices and citizens telling pollsters the steady conflict is becoming a significant source of stress in their personal lives. How do we emerge from this season of ill-will among us as Americans? How do we restore political civility? Part of the answer is looking back for guidance to the epic battle of Gettysburg and the healing words of President Lincoln, when the unfinished work of democracy was evident; another part is experimenting with public policy solutions to foster more civility. 

Matthew C. Moen, Ph.D., president of Gettysburg Foundation, has been travelling the country this spring, to illustrate the practical lessons students and the general public can learn from Lincoln, as well as the sacrifice and selflessness of the townspeople of Gettysburg in the aftermath of searing destruction. On March 27, he will speak to the members of the York East (Pennsylvania) Rotary Club and on March 28, he will speak at the Rotary Club of Philadelphia. The tour has taken him to events in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Missouri, with an event in Massachusetts being held in early April.