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2018 News

Gettysburg Foundation Delivers “Lessons in Civility” in Massachusetts, along with the National Park Service Program, “Essex County and the Battle of Gettysburg”

April 11, 2018


Dr. Matthew C. Moen delivers lessons on civility to full house in Topsfield, Massachusetts

Gettysburg Foundation presented its Lessons in Civility alongside this special, National Park Service program in Topsfield Massachusetts this past week. Attendees learned about the soldiers from Essex County, Massachusetts—where this event was held—and their role in the Battle of Gettysburg from Christopher Gwinn, Chief of Interpretation and Education at Gettysburg National Military Park (and an Essex County native).

Dr. Matthew Moen, President of the Gettysburg Foundation, delivered remarks on the lessons we all can learn about democracy and citizenship from the sacrifices made during the battle and in its aftermath—lessons that are every bit as important today in our climate of political ­­discord.

Eric Schultz, Chairman of the Board, Gettysburg Foundation, teed up the speakers by delivering an overview of the battle itself.

Attendees came from all over Massachusetts, and numerous Friends of Gettysburg joined for this special evening. If your group is interested in such an event, please contact the Gettysburg Foundation.