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2018 News

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Technology Comes to Gettysburg for Leadership Training

May 17, 2018


Attendees from the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Technology’s annual leadership program at Gettysburg stand outside Meade’s headquarters.


Recently more than 30 business leaders joined the Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation over two days for the Gettysburg Foundation’s leadership training program, “In the Footsteps of Leaders,” at Gettysburg National Military Park. This is the third year that the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Technology facilitated such a training program through the Pennsylvania Chamber’s Educational Foundation, and we are grateful for the continued partnership.

Along with an overview of the battle and its aftermath, a packed curriculum covered 16 key battlefield lessons ranging from communication and accountability, to empathy and consensus gathering. Led by Sue Boardman, Director of the Gettysburg Foundation’s Executive Leadership Program and Licensed Battlefield Guide, participants studied decisions made during the battle, focusing upon how leadership styles can affect a team’s performance and lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg can help business leaders deal with everyday issues.

As one participant remarked: “the lessons of the past can be applied today and this course was a great example of historical leadership that can be applied to today’s business climate.”

To learn how your company or organization can take advantage of battlefield lessons to improve performance, please click here.