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2022 News

Family Day at Spangler, Labor Day Weekend

August 15, 2022

The Gettysburg Foundation will host Family Day at Spangler, a free, one-day event from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022, at the George Spangler Farm & Field Hospital. Offering free admission and the opportunity for the Adams County community and visitors to Gettysburg to experience the George Spangler Farm & Field HospitalFamily Day at Spangler provides an educational day for families and those who enjoy history to experience and learn about the history of the 80-acre farm. Presented during the Labor Day weekend, families can enjoy a late summertime visit to explore the historic site.

Living historians will be on-site during the event. Guests will have the opportunity to interact throughout the day with living historians from:

  • The Healing: Portraying women who pioneered professional nursing and served during the American Civil War, living historians provide true accounts based on diaries and first-person references, reflecting the profound impact these Civil War nurses had on the soldiers they treated that went beyond the battles and the war.
  • Officers for the Union & Ladies for the Union: Portraying officers who commanded and fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, living historians provide first-person impressions, discuss their role before, during and after the Battle of Gettysburg, and give details about military life from the officers’ perspectives. The ladies demonstrate unique home craft skills of the period (bobbin lace, hand sewing and bandbox making) and display home remedies, medical practices and children’s toys of the era. The ladies discuss the importance of the home front during the Civil War, support and aid for the soldiers, and the effect the war had on families and communities.
  • 46th Pennsylvania Regiment Band (The Logan Guards): Talented musicians and living historians bring to life the typical soldier and musician of the American Civil War. During performances at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., the band will perform authentic Civil War era music entirely on authentic instruments of the period. The musicians and historians honor the original 46th Pennsylvania Regiment Band, comprised of musicians from Birdsboro, Pennsylvania,  who along with the 46th Pennsylvania Regiment from central Pennsylvania, were among the first responders to Washington, answering President Lincoln’s call for troops at the start of the American Civil War.
  • Colonel Roberts and School Teacher Miss Jodi: Living historians bring joyful teachings of the simple pleasures and way of life for families during this difficult period in American history. Doll making, period games, fashions and activities of the time are brought to life, demonstrating pastimes that helped heal the brokenhearted and mend the fabric of the American family way of life during the Civil War era.

Historic Gettysburg-Adams County (HGAC) will present information on historic barn preservation. HGAC interprets the design, construction and use of the iconic Pennsylvania Bank Barn. Representatives of HGAC discuss the George Spangler Farm’s restoration in the past decade—from a dilapidated structure in danger of collapse to a visage of its original glory—that revived this important, tangible component of American history.

The family-friendly programming and offerings include the opportunity for visitors to hear stories about the civilian role during and after the battle. Learn about the Spangler family. Explore Civil War era medicine. Learn about the Letterman System and its use during the battle. See a reproduction Civil War Wheeling (Rosecrans) ambulance. Enjoy a local favorite treat with Mr. G’s old-fashioned ice cream.

Visitors to the special Family Day at Spangler event may drive directly to the property located at 488 Blacksmith Shop Road, Gettysburg, and park on-site.