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2022 News

Americana Corner Grant Program

April 6, 2022

The Gettysburg Foundation has received funding from the Americana Corner Grant Program. With the support of organizations like Americana Corner, our interactive children’s history museum, Children of Gettysburg 1863 is providing a memorable and educational history experience for children through six galleries of interactive and adventurous exhibits. A schedule of age-appropriate activities is also being planned for the spring and summer seasons.

This project was funded in part through a grant approved by the Americana Corner Grant Program.

Americana Corner offers an online resource to help the public rediscover America’s incredible founding and first century of expansion. This new organization contains positive stories of the great events, founding documents and inspirational leaders who helped create and shape our country. The Americana Corner Grant Program assists organizations that tell the story of our nation’s past and rekindle a love for American history.

The Gettysburg Foundation is grateful for the strong support by Americana Corner of our education mission.

Ticket holders to Children of Gettysburg 1863 can experience hands-on history through the stories of the children, teens and young adults who lived in and around Gettysburg during and after the 1863 battle. Designed for families and children (grades K-5), the interactive adventure takes families on a journey through galleries such as Growing Up in GettysburgThe Soldiers are Coming, Surviving the Battle and Remembering Gettysburg. The interactive exhibits and experiences provide a history-based setting for creativity, discovery and learning.

For more information about Children of Gettysburg 1863 and visiting the new children’s history museum located at 451 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, visit