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2019 News

Gettysburg Foundation Announces Elected Officers and Board of Directors Reappointments

June 28, 2019

At its June 27 meeting, the Board of Directors of Gettysburg Foundation elected officers of the Board and reappointed five Directors to their board seats.

The elected officers of Gettysburg Foundation are: 

  • Eric B. Schultz, chair
  • Matthew C. Moen, Ph.D. president
  • Barbara J. Finfrock, vice chair
  • W. Craig Bashein, vice chair
  • James R. Hanni, secretary
  • Shanon R. Toal, Jr., treasurer

The members reappointed to the Board of Directors for an additional three-year term, expiring in 2022 are:

  • Donald P Brennan
  • Adriana Echavarria-Eisenhower
  • David D. Hartman
  • David G. Malgee
  • Carol Reardon, Ph.D.

"The interest in the Gettysburg battlefield, Eisenhower historic site and National Park Service is diverse and national in scope," said Eric B. Schultz, chair. We are lucky to have such a talented group of Directors willing to commit their time and talent to the Gettysburg Foundation."