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Leadership Clients

At Gettysburg, leadership decisions resulted in dramatic shifts and turns during the battle.

Today, businesses face similar challenges.

Below is just a sample of the many companies, organizations and schools that have met these challenges, identified solutions and developed sustainable action plans after walking In the Footsteps of Leaders®.


 “All of us would agree that the two days off site were well spent and will pay dividends on our work as a team. We appreciate your leadership and expertise in helping our team.”

– Ken West, Human Resources, Operations Division



 “What a great historical perspective to bring to today’s challenges of management and today’s business environment.”

– Tom Holder, VP of Sales



“This has been a fabulous opportunity to study leadership in a unique set of circumstances that can translate to modern management environments.”

 -Alan Riffel, City Manager, Woodward, Oklahoma


“This was the most rewarding leadership lesson I have ever had! It will have a lasting impression on how I work and function as a manager.”

– Charles A. Hammond, Ahoskie, North Carolina



“Great, informative tour; great facilitation. Relaxed day that related the leadership styles from the war to business today.”

– Andy Davidson, Kimberly-Clark Corporation



“This experience was not only highly informative and educational but extremely entertaining and enjoyable. I especially appreciated the opportunity to obtain greater insight to the decisions made by the leadership on both sides of historic confrontation.”

– Thomas C. Hablitzel, Sherwin-Williams Management Team



"Great program both from an education perspective on the history of the Gettysburg battle, and the tie-in to the leadership lessons and observation.”

 – Bryan Palbaum, CFO

























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This was one of the most inspiring, meaningful, and rejuvenating training experiences that I have participated in during my 33 years of Federal Service. My lofty training expectations were exceeded!

Iainn Morton
Federal Executive Board