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Join up.


As Gettysburg Foundation Recruits, we represent young professionals, ages 18-40, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower National Historic Site. 

And just like the recruits of 1863, we firmly believe in volunteerism, teamwork and commitment to a cause.

Join the Recruits to make connections, make cider and make a difference.

Join the Recruits

Make Cider

Through our Seedling to Cider project, we take the fruit from the Rose Farm Orchard and partner with cidermaster Adam Redding and Good Intent Cider to craft hard cider.

  • Giving back: Proceeds from the cider sales create a sustainable fund for the care and preservation of the Gettysburg battlefield and its orchards.
  • Purpose driven: Recruits have donated more than $10,000 to the National Park Service at Gettysburg.
  • Signature Cider: Apples from the battlefield go into the crafting of the aptly-named “Rose Farm Orchard” label from Good Intent Cider. 

Thank you.

As a Recruit, you will make an impact. You will make things better.

And, we thank you.

Our appreciation for your support, service and commitment to this cause goes far beyond a t-shirt or newsletter.  

But you’ll still look good in the t-shirt.