NPS ALERT: Face coverings required for visitors over age two, regardless of vaccination status, in the following outdoor areas when social distancing is not possible: Little Round Top, 44th NY & PA Monuments, all observation towers.

Preservation Spotlight

Preservation efforts on the Hancock monument at Gettysburg

Preservation Efforts Continue on Battlefield's Equestrian Monuments
September, 2020

Horse-riding sculptures of Civil War generals will again ride tall in the saddle as the National Park Service and Gettysburg Foundation continue preservation efforts on six equestrian monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park.

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A Father and Sons Monument Mission at Gettysburg

A Father and Sons Monument Mission at Gettysburg
November, 2019

The Friends of Gettysburg is comprised of many generations among its membership, stretching from those in their 90s to newborns in a few cases.

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Reynolds equestrian statue at Gettysburg

Monument Rehabilitation
August, 2019

One possible description for preservation projects wherever they may be seems to be "never-ending" or perhaps "on-going."

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Ever since the battle ended 156 years ago, Gettysburg has been a remarkable place of healing and kindness, of remembrance and reconciliation.