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Gettysburg Scout Quest


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Complete a service project.

Work on your Gettysburg Heritage Trails badge.


Join us November 1-3 for activities and programs just for Scouts at historic Gettysburg.

Call us to make your reservation today: 877-874-2478 or 717-334-2436.



Saturday, November 2, 2019

National Park Service Programming

  • Meade’s Headquarters: The Lydia Leister House 
    Step into history at the Lydia Leister Farms. This building played an important role in the fighting that took place on Cemetery Ridge and witnessed key moments during the battle. Explore the interior of this historic home that served as General George Meade’s Headquarters. 

  • Soldiers’ National Cemetery 
    Visit the site of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and explore the Soldiers’ National Cemetery where over 3,500 Union soldiers killed in the battle are laid to rest.

  • Little Round Top 
    For over an hour on July 2, 1863, Union and Confederate troops battlefield for possession of this small hill. Explore the rocky summit, see original Union breastworks, and discover why Little Round Top was so important to both armies.
  • Care of the Wounded Station: Spangler Spring 
    Civil War medicine was more than just bone saws and amputations.  Learn how the wounded were evacuated and treated and discover the amazing story of the doctors and nurses who struggled to keep them alive.

Scout Quest Reservations


Scout Quest Packages

Bundle your experience.

Package 1
Adult Leaders: $24
Scouts: $20

- Film, Cyclorama & Museum
- T-Shirt
- Event Patch

Package 2

Adult Leaders: $16
Scouts: $14

- Museum Experience
- T-Shirt