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Your Time in Gettysburg

In Gettysburg, a battle raged through this small south-central Pennsylvania town. Confederate and Union soldiers experienced monumental struggles and acts of great courage–acts that helped create our country's identity. Today, Gettysburg encourages visitors to walk the fields where these soldiers fought and died to find their own place in history. Every soldier, monument, exhibit and landmark tells a different story that affects each visitor in a unique way. We invite you to explore all that Gettysburg has to offer–from the Cyclorama, Film and Museum Experience at the Gettysburg National Military Park and Visitor Center, to the tours of the battlefield and numerous historic sites around the town. Endless inspiration awaits.

What makes Gettysburg such a special place? This series of ten videos below, presented by David Hartman, delves into why Gettysburg continues to fascinate and help visitors connect to a vital time in our shared history.