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  1. February 27, 2017
    New Exhibit Spotlight to open March 2 at Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center


    CONTACT: Cindy Small, Chief Marketing Officer, Gettysburg Foundation

    New Exhibit Spotlight to open March 2 at Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center

    Gettysburg, PA (February 24, 2017) – Gettysburg Foundation and Gettysburg National Military Park are pleased to announce the debut of an exciting new exhibit March 2 dedicated to one-of-a-kind artifacts from the world-class collection of the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia.

    Titled The First Among Equals: MOLLUS, Its Collection and the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia, this Exhibit Spotlight features artifacts originally donated in large part by veterans, families and prominent citizens to the Pennsylvania Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS), the nation’s first veterans’ organization. The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia became the museum of that collection.

    Because these treasured objects can be linked to specific people, units, places or times, they offer a glimpse into the past that enlivens the story of the American Civil War for visitors to Gettysburg. The exhibit’s featured artifacts–from revolvers to canteens and flags to stencils and hats and more–weave together to enhance the compelling narrative of the war.

    Robert A. Kinsley, chairman of the board of Gettysburg Foundation said, “All of the artifacts in the collection are significant to the history of our nation. In particular, the General George Meade Collection evokes stories and imagery of his leadership at Gettysburg during the battle that changed the course of history. Through these artifacts, you can feel the passion, the courage and the conviction of the men who bravely fought to preserve our nation.”

    Ed W. Clark, Superintendent of the Gettysburg National Military Park, added, “These amazing objects will enable us to better tell the story of the Battle of Gettysburg and the American Civil War. They will inspire our visitors now and for generations to come.”

    Free and open to the public, the exhibit runs through 2017. It is the newest display of artifacts within the Exhibit Spotlight area of the Museum and Visitor Center. The Exhibit Spotlight gallery annually features a new theme and rotation of artifacts that connect soldiers, civilians and generals to the Battle of Gettysburg. Visitors have the opportunity to follow the journey of the person featured in the exhibit through their Gettysburg experience—watching the story unfold as they explore the connections found in both the Museum galleries and on the battlefield.

    As a result of a historic 2016 partnership forged between the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia and Gettysburg Foundation, the Civil War Museum of Philadelphia’s collection is stored at Gettysburg, where its items also will be exhibited. In addition to featuring a special selection in the Exhibit Spotlight area, a number of key objects have been integrated into the main Museum Galleries and the Gilder Lehrman Special Exhibits Gallery. Solidifying the long-term relationship between Gettysburg and Philadelphia, an exciting new exhibit is in the planning stages at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center featuring artifacts from this collection.

    Highlights of the Exhibit Spotlight include:

    Headquarters Flag, Army of the Potomac, 1864–When General Ulysses S. Grant assumed command of all Union armies in 1864, he chose to lead the field and made his headquarters with the Army of the Potomac, at the time commanded by Major General George G. Meade. Meade was presented with a challenge because precedent called for the senior commander to designate his headquarters with the national flag, which now meant Grant. Meade’s solution: create this new headquarters flag. In a circular issued on May 2, 1864, Meade informed his men that his flag would be “a magenta-colored swallow-tailed flag, with an eagle in gold, surrounded by a silver wreath.”

    War correspondent Alfred R. Waud recalled Grant’s humorous reaction when seeing this flag for the first time: “What’s this! Is Imperial Caesar anywhere about here?” Meade reversed course less than a month later, calling for the headquarters to be designated with “a small national flag” in a circular on May 25, 1864. Although reasons for the change are unknown, Grant’s comment and known lack of formality may have played a part in Meade’s decision.

    Model 1860 Presentation Cavalry Sword & Scabbard, 1861–This presentation sword and scabbard was presented by the 1st Nebraska Infantry (later Cavalry) to Lewis Merrill. The engraving on the blade reads, “The officer of the 1st Regt. Nebraska Volunteers to Capt. Lewis Merrill 2nd Dragoons USA August 1861.” Merrill, a veteran of the pre-war 2nd US Dragoon regiment, organized and commanded the 2nd Missouri (Union Cavalry), better known as “Merrill’s Horse.” The regiment was well known for its aggressive, effective fighting against Confederate forces in the guerilla-style warfare typical of the war in Missouri and Arkansas. Post-war, he played a notable role in Reconstruction, fighting to dismantle the Ku Klux Klan in York County, South Carolina and other parts of the South.

    Writing board of Capt. Nathaniel Bayne, 118th Pennsylvania Infantry (Corn Exchange Regiment). This simple piece of wood, elevated on one end, served as a portable writing desk for Captain Nathaniel Bayne (1840-1898) of the 118th Pennsylvania Infantry. The engraving reads, “CAPT NATHANIEL BAYNE CO=I=118TH=REGT PENNA VOL (CORN EXCHANGE).” The regiment gained its nickname “Corn Exchange” from its sponsor - the Philadelphia brokerage house bank that raised the funds to form the regiment and pay $10 to each new recruit. Bayne was wounded at Dabney’s Mills outside Petersburg in February 1865. He mustered out at the rank of Captain in June 1865. After the war Bayne married, worked as a tailor, and had five children. He is buried at Wilmington & Brandywine Cemetery in Wilmington, Delaware.

    Smoking Pipe--Brevet Major Albert H. Walters of the 118th Pennsylvania Infantry (also known as the Corn Exchange Regiment) owned this pipe. The skilled engraving on the pipe denotes battles in which Walters participated, including the major engagements fought by the Union Army of the Potomac in the first year and a half of the war. Walters mustered as a private in 1861 and rose in the ranks until promoted by brevet to Major on July 6, 1864 “for gallant and distinguished services at the battles of Bethesda Church, North Anna, and during the present campaign before Richmond, Va.” He is buried in Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    About Gettysburg Foundation and Gettysburg National Military Park

    The Gettysburg Foundation is a non-profit educational organization working in partnership with the National Park Service to enhance preservation and understanding of the heritage and lasting significance of Gettysburg. The Foundation raised funds for and now operates the Museum and Visitor Center at Gettysburg National Military Park. In addition to operating the Museum and Visitor Center, the Foundation has a broad preservation mission that includes land, monument and artifact preservation and battlefield rehabilitation—all in support of the National Park Service’s goals at Gettysburg.

    Gettysburg National Military Park preserves, protects, and interprets for this and future generations the resources associated with the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War, the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, and their commemorations. The Eisenhower National Historic Site preserves and interprets the home and farms of the Eisenhower family as a fitting and enduring memorial to the life, work, and times of General Dwight David Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States, and to the events of far-reaching importance that occurred on the property.

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  2. February 21, 2017
    “An Evening with the Painting” Special After-hours Exclusive Program Read More

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  3. February 14, 2017
    Brief Closures Set for Eisenhower National Historic Site Read More

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  4. February 9, 2017
    Gettysburg National Military Park is Hosting its First Virtual Reality Artist-in Residence in March

    Gettysburg, PA, - Gettysburg National Military Park, in cooperation with the non-profit National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) and the Gettysburg Foundation, announced today that Lathan Mastellar will be the first artist whose “paintbrush” is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Gettysburg NMP. He will be the park’s February-March, 2017, Artist in Residence as the Alembic Arts programmatic theme. He will give a free Artist Showcase Presentation at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center March 11th from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm., This Gettysburg National Park Artist in Residence Lecture Series will feature the artist presentation on how Virtual and Augmented reality is a tool for both artists and the public to connect to the creation and interpretation of art. This event is free and open to the public.

    His formative experience of using Virtual and Augmented Reality has given Mr. Mastellar the contemporary viewpoint that is currently the newest emerging arts media in the forefront of the current arts trends worldwide. Though just recently finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, he takes pride in the fortuitous steps he has taken in using these new mediums. In his own words he expresses how one can use these new scientific and computer generated devices to further the audience experience and emotional response: “To formulate these experiences I must step into the shoes of the playwright, sculptor, sound engineer, and programmer. Virtual realities’ strength lies in its ability to embed the audience within the art as a direct experience, rather than gazing upon an artifact.”

    For the most part, Lathan paints his art in virtual reality building up layers, but not merely for decorative or beautiful effects, but more as a window into more tangible things like the historic past of Gettysburg National Military Park. “I feel like in this day and age many of us have lost a connection with true patriotism and the values that our nation originally stood and fought for.” He sees the computer art-scapes not merely as useful “subjects” but as a reflection into something greater than the RW (Real World) experience.

    Lathan will use the mid- February to Mid- March residency to create artworks inspired by the historic past of Gettysburg. He plans to capture the park as the first artist in residence to incorporate Gettysburg National Military Park in these new technologies for further exploration of what it means to forge ahead in these new communications. As Lathan states, ”While traditional art forms such as painting and sculpture can be shared with large groups of people at a time there is some distance between the experiencer and the experienced. In VR that line becomes obscured and the viewer is immersed within the art itself.”

    The Park is very excited to host the First Virtual Reality Artist this year. As the park’s superintendent, Ed Clark, explains, “Gettysburg National Military Park can offer the perfect backdrop to provide inspiration for emerging technologies in the arts. As the National Park Service strives to connect with new generations, we look forward to leading the arts and interpretation of Gettysburg into the future, while always remembering our mission of preserving history. “

    Programs like Gettysburg National Military Park’s artist in residence add value to the park experience for visitors, now and in the future, and represent the highest aspirations of the National Park Service’s goals for the next century.

    Gettysburg National Military Park is a unit of the National Park Service that preserves, protects and interprets for this and future generations the resources associated with the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War, the Soldiers' National Cemetery, and their commemorations.

    The National Parks Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the promotion of the National Parks of the U.S. by creating dynamic opportunities for artworks that are based in our natural and historic heritage. This project is supported by the Gettysburg Foundation and other generous benefactors. NPAF National Park projects are supported entirely by donation and generous partnerships. For more information on how you can support the Gettysburg National Military Park Artist in Residence and other NPAF arts programs Nationwide visit or

    All NPAF programs are made possible through the philanthropic support of donors of all sorts ranging from corporate sponsors, small businesses, and art patrons and citizen-lovers of the parks. NPAF is always seeking new partners and donors for its wide-ranging artist-in-residence programs.

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  5. February 9, 2017
    Marine Corps Veteran Nicholas Collier is Gettysburg’s new Artist-in-Residence

    GETTYSBURG, PA — Gettysburg National Military Park’s Artists-in-Residence for January/February will be Nicholas Collier, a U.S. Military veteran who will pursue photography, sculpture and film-making during his month-long residency on the Gettysburg battlefield.

    Collier received his BFA from George Mason University, Virginia, in 2012 and his MFA from Florida State University in 2016. Collier works as an interdisciplinary artist, employing photography, social practice, and sculpture to explore the intersection of ideas revolving around place, history, and contemporary culture. His work has been shown in galleries in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Florida. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he splits his time between his studio practice, the development of his start-up Aloft Aerial Imaging, and working as a residential remodeler.

    “Art has helped me move on from things you do in war, that aren’t permissible in society,” said Collier, whose art reflects on war, combat, and military themes. His residency will allow him to take inspiration from the historic battlefield of Gettysburg and how it reflects on the battlefields and soldier life today.

    The artist is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, with a combat action ribbon for his time in Afghanistan. His unit was in Afghanistan running missions that set the frame work and would in part lead up to the actions portrayed in the movie, "Lone Survivor," with Mark Wahlburg. His unit was the first unit in the Korengal Valley prior to the Army unit portrayed in the movie, "Restrepo."

    Collier arrives on January 15, and will do a “meet the artist” event and display at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center on Feb. 11, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

    "Gettysburg inspires so much passion in our visitors today, and the Artists-in-Residence are providing new connections to people from all walks of life," said Ed W. Clark, superintendent of Gettysburg National Military Park. "Our Artist-in-Residence programs are engaging new audiences and connecting with visitors through the power and the passion of art."

    The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF), a 501(c)3 non-profit, has expanded its Artist-in-Residence program Service at Gettysburg National Military Park to include 12 artists over 12 months. The Gettysburg Foundation supports the Gettysburg program which has become a model for artist residencies in all of the national parks. The NPAF has introduced four programmatic themes to the residencies in 2017 which will alternate:

    U.S. Military Veteran Artists: During January, July and November 2017, Gettysburg’s Artists-in-Residence will be U.S. Military Veterans, bringing a unique perspective to arts in the park.

    Alembic Arts (New Media): This programmatic theme speaks to many varied and mixed media including film image, technologies, augmented Realities, Virtual Realities and any and all combinations with these in themselves of combining classic art media with such "new media."

    Arts Revolver: Open to any and all artistic media including cross-overs or hybrids with any of the other programmatic themes.

    LiterAudiArts: NPAF’s most fascinating AiR programmatic theme focusses on many and all Linguistic, words, sounds, song and music. A few examples of this are poetry, screenplays, spoken word, environmental recordings, sound art, wall of sound experimentation.

    NPAF selects any sort of artist for national park residencies, from traditional landscape painters, photographers, to performers, installations, films/video, as well as writers, poets, sound artists, and new arts media. More information about these opportunities is available at

    For more information about Nick Collier’s “Meet the Artist” event on February 11, call 717/ 338-4469.

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  6. February 8, 2017
    Great Backyard Bird Count - February 18

    On Saturday, February 18 the public is invited to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count at the Gettysburg National Military Park’s Museum and Visitor Center, 1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg. From 12:30 - 3:30 p.m., visitors can join park biologists and volunteers and learn about the birds wintering in the Gettysburg community.

    A bird viewing station will be set up inside the park Visitor Center lobby and visitors will be able to view the birds just outside the windows at feeding stations. Bring binoculars and guide books if you have them. The park will have a good number of binoculars to loan out to visitors at the event and free bird checklists.

    The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is a free, fun, and easy event that engages bird watchers of all ages in counting birds to create a real-time snapshot of bird populations. Participants are asked to count birds for as little as 15 minutes (or as long as they wish) on one or more days of the four-day event and report their sightings online at Anyone can take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count, from beginning bird watchers to experts, and you can participate from your backyard, or anywhere in the world.

    Data from this event will help scientists gain a better understanding of the distribution and abundance of birds. Each checklist submitted during the GBBC helps researchers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society learn more about how birds are doing, and how to protect them and the environment we share. Last year, more than 160,000 participants submitted their bird observations online, creating the largest instantaneous snapshot of global bird populations ever recorded.

    The Gettysburg event is co-sponsored by the South Mountain Audubon Society, Gettysburg National Military Park and the Gettysburg Foundation. More information is available online at the Audubon Society website.

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