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  1. April 30, 2015
    Gettysburg Receives NPS Centennial Funding for Cemetery Ridge


    Katie Lawhon, Management Assistant
    Gettysburg National Military Park/ Eisenhower National Historic Site

    Cindy Small, Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer
    Gettysburg Foundation

    Gettysburg Receives NPS Centennial Funding for Cemetery Ridge

    Gettysburg, PA (April 23, 2015) – National Park Service funding for Centennial projects will provide matching funds for a $1.3 million dollar project to rehabilitate Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg National Military Park. The project will bring back missing features on the historic landscape at the center of the Union Army’s battle line and reduce the size of a parking area at Ziegler’s Grove. The nonprofit Gettysburg Foundation will provide a grant of $700,000 to match National Park Service funding of $600,000 for this stewardship project

    Historic features on Cemetery Ridge will be returned including: Ziegler’s ravine; commemorative walkways; and a portion of historic Hancock Avenue, as well as its ornamental entrance gates at Taneytown Road. The project will also return monuments to their original location before Cyclorama building development, and retain a portion of the parking lot for visitors to the nearby Soldiers' National Cemetery.

    “For the first time in more than fifty years, this portion of Cemetery Ridge will have its historic appearance, offering fresh experiences for a new generation of Gettysburg visitors,” said Ed Clark, Gettysburg National Military Park Superintendent. “We're excited that this important project has been embraced as a National Park Service Centennial initiative – raising it to a higher level of awareness and visibility.”

    For six years, the Gettysburg Foundation has funded and implemented important earlier phases of the rehabilitation of Cemetery Ridge including demolition of the Visitor Center in 2009; demolition of the Cyclorama building in 2013; and removal and rehabilitation of the former Visitor Center parking lot site in 2014.

    Gettysburg Foundation President Joanne M. Hanley said, “The Gettysburg Foundation has contributed to the rehabilitation of Cemetery Ridge since the inception of the idea to bring back missing features of the battlefield landscapes. It is our intent to concentrate on the work that needs to be done to see this through to the end. We are pleased, grateful and excited for this important project to be a National Park Service Centennial initiative.”

    NPS CENTENNIAL - To prepare for its Centennial in 2016, the National Park Service is funding legacy projects that will preserve resources for the future. Last month, the National Park Service launched “Find Your Park,” a national public awareness and education campaign celebrating the milestone centennial anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016 and setting the stage for its second century of service. Learn more at

    Gettysburg National Military Park preserves and protects the resources associated with the Battle of Gettysburg and the Soldiers' National Cemetery and provides an understanding of the events that occurred there within the context of American history. More information is available at

    Eisenhower National Historic Site preserves and protects the resources associated with the presidential home and farm in order to promote understanding and appreciation of the life, work and times of Dwight David Eisenhower. For more information go to

    The Gettysburg Foundation is a non-profit educational organization working in partnership with the National Park Service to enhance preservation and understanding of the heritage and lasting significance of Gettysburg. The Foundation raised funds for and now operates the Museum and Visitor Center at Gettysburg National Military Park, which opened in April 2008. In addition to operating the Museum and Visitor Center, the Foundation has a broad preservation mission that includes land, monument and artifact preservation and battlefield rehabilitation—all in support of the National Park Service’s goals at Gettysburg.

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