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The Gettysburg Foundation partners with the National Park Service at Gettysburg National Military Park to preserve, protect and interpret, for this and future generations, the resources associated with the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, the Soldiers' National Cemetery and their commemorations.

The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center Weather Updates Available and Delayed Opening Expected on Feb. 20, 2019

Weather Related Updates
Due to expected weather conditions, the  Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center currently plans an 11 a.m. opening on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019. For additional details, visit our website.
Visitors can purchase tickets online to visit attractions including the film, A New Birth of Freedom, the renowned 377-foot Gettysburg Cyclorama depicting Pickett’s Charge and the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War.

National Park Service Winter Program Updates
The National Park Service revised the schedule of winter programs. All programs are held at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center, 1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg.

2019 Winter Lecture Series
February 23 - March 31
Saturdays and Sundays, 1:30-2:30 p.m.

National Park Service rangers and leading historians from across the country offer free talks exploring important aspects of the American Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg. Programs are free of charge and open to the public. Schedule is subject to change. Limited seating is available on a first come-first serve basis.

  • Sat. Feb. 23: Unprecedented Discovery at Manassas National Battlefield
  • Sun. Feb. 24: “I have never seen so much damage” - The George Rose Farm at Gettysburg
  • Sat. March 2: The Wills Family & Lincoln's Visit: Life in a Northern Town
  • Sun. March 3: Roger B. Taney and His Changing Place in American History
  • Sat. March 9: Scapegoat or Scandal? JEB Stuart during the Gettysburg Campaign 
  • Sun. March 10: Twilight at Gettysburg: The 1938 Reunion of the Blue and the Gray
  • Sat. March 16: College Students in the Battle of Gettysburg: A Different Kind of Soldier
  • Sun. March 17: "On the Tenuous Edge of Freedom: Gettysburg's African-American Community Before, During, and After the Battle."
  • Sun. March 24: If These Things Could Talk: Artifacts in the Collection of Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Sat. March 30: Scapegoat or Scandal? JEB Stuart during the Gettysburg Campaign
  • Sun. March 31: Lincoln Mythed: Memorial Biographies and the Damage Done to History – A Discussion

Please check the National Park Service website for details and rescheduled programs when planning to attend these programs.

The Museum & Visitor Center is operated by the Gettysburg Foundation, a non-profit, philanthropic partner of the National Park Service.