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Monument Preservation


Gettysburg Monuments: Courage, Honor and Sacrifice

At Gettysburg, a monument represents the honor, courage and sacrifice of the soldiers who fought here. Today, about 1,300 monuments are on the battlefield, representing one of the largest collections of outdoor sculpture in the world. Monument preservation is a key focus area of the Gettysburg Foundation in its partnership with the National Park Service.

Follow the links below to learn about Gettysburg monuments, cannon carriages and monument preservation.

Gettysburg Monument Preservation Highlights

  • Pennsylvania Memorial
  • New York State Memorial
  • Eternal Light Peace Memorial
  • Gen. Sedgwick equestrian monument
  • Gen. Slocum equestrian monument
  • 4th-12th New York monument
  • Texas state monument — maintenance
  • Pennsylvania state monuments
  • Soldiers’ National Cemetery headstones — painting and cleaning
  • Power-washing program


Cannon Carriage Preservation

The National Park Service initiated a cannon-carriage rehabilitation program in 1996, but it was a part-time process that allowed only 12 cannon carriages to be rehabilitated each year.

Because the cannon are an important resource of the Gettysburg National Military Park, in 1999, the Gettysburg Foundation began paying rent for a cannon-carriage rehabilitation facility that is operated by the National Park Service. Because of this facility, it is now possible for 20 cannon carriages to be rehabilitated each year.

Approximately 200 cannon carriages have been rehabilitated.

Support Gettysburg’s Monument Preservation

By supporting the Gettysburg Foundation, you join with thousands of people all over the world who are committed to helping the Foundation carry out its broad preservation mission in partnership with the National Park Service. That mission includes monument preservation, artifact preservation, battlefield rehabilitation, land preservation and education.  To donate to this project and projects like it, please click here: