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Land Preservation


Gettysburg Land Preservation

Gettysburg land preservation efforts ensure that the best artifact we have — the battlefield itself — will be preserved so future generations can experience Gettysburg’s lessons of honor, courage and sacrifice. The battlefield provides a tangible link to the actions of July 1863. Gettysburg land preservation is ongoing, building on a long history of people who are committed to making sure that no one ever forgets what happened on this hallowed ground.

Read about important land-preservation efforts below.

Gettysburg Land Preservation: The Ultimate Artifact Preservation

The Gettysburg Foundation works in partnership with the National Park Service to preserve land that was significant to the Battle of Gettysburg, primarily land within the boundary of the Gettysburg National Military Park or within the Gettysburg Battlefield Historic District. Significance and priority are determined by the National Park Service’s Land Protection Plan. The Foundation has participated in land purchases, has accepted donations of land and easements and has partnered with other preservation groups to establish easements.

To date, the Gettysburg Foundation has preserved close to 700 acres of important Gettysburg land related to the Battle of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Land Preservation Accomplishments

  • Home Sweet Home motel – last commercial site on fields of “Pickett’s Charge” 
  • First Shot Marker site 
  • Hoffman farm, East Cavalry Field 
  • 20th Maine Company B marker site 
  • Weikert farm, Taneytown Road 
  • Blocher farm, Barlow’s Knoll (modern intrusion removed) 
  • Shields house, Mummasburg Road (modern intrusion removed) 
  • Baltimore Pike residences (2) (modern intrusions removed) 
  • Shea farm easement (East Cavalry Field) 
  • Black Horse Tavern easement 
  • Kump property purchase 
  • Baltimore Pike corridor — several properties protected 
  • George Spangler Farm
  • Big Round Top — 45 acres within the Historic District adjacent to Gettysburg National Military Park boundary 
  • Baltimore Pike property easement — 61 acres


Help Us with Gettysburg Land Preservation

By supporting the Gettysburg Foundation, you help the Foundation work toward its broad preservation mission of partnering with the National Park Service in the areas of Gettysburg land preservation,monument preservationbattlefield rehabilitationartifact preservation and education.