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Examples of Leadership


The challenges that the officers of the Union and Confederate Armies at Gettysburg faced are directly relatable to today’s business world. From the literal foot soldiers at the front lines to the commanders coordinating the movements of tens of thousands of men, lessons of communication, empowerment, adaptability and self-awareness were as abundant then as they are now.

John Buford
Middle management officer and the first Union general on the battlefield. He seized a battle-winning opportunity, even though it was outside his job description.

Winfield Scott Hancock
New to senior management. Given the go-ahead by the CEO to take control of a situation and had to face the challenge of asserting himself with those who outranked him.

James Longstreet
Senior manager torn between the advice of his staff on the ground and his superior’s orders. Caught in the middle, he had to make one of the toughest calls of the battle.

Robert E. Lee
Very successful CEO expanding into unknown territory with an untested senior staff. The Gettysburg Campaign will make or break his organization.

Joshua L. Chamberlain
Low in rank, high in innovation and success. His coolness under pressure and outside the box thinking saved one of his organization’s biggest assets.