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Lectures & Events


Sacred Trust

Click here for the 2014 Sacred Trust Talks

Video of the Sacred Trust talks, July 2013. 

Saturday, June 29

Garry Adelman,
  Gettysburg in 4D
Scott Mingus, Sr.,
  Flames Beyond Gettysburg: Jubal Early’s March to the Susquehanna River
Jeffry Wert,
  An Army Reborn: Lee and His Army from the Seven Days to Gettysburg
Matthew Pinsker,
  Samuel Wilkeson’s Gettysburg Address
Terrence Winschel,
  Crucial to the Outcome: Vicksburg and the Trans-Mississippi Supply Line
James McPherson,
  High Water Marks in the Gettysburg Campaign
Peter Carmichael,
  Cowardice at Gettysburg
Jeff Shaara,
  History Through Storytelling

Sunday, June 30

Kent Masterson Brown,
  George Gordon Meade and the Gettysburg Campaign
Brooks Simpson,
  Doesn’t This Look Familiar?: Relying on Experience at Gettysburg
Ethan Rafuse,
  “I Did Some Handsome Things for the Country”: Fighting Joe Hooker and his Army of the Potomac
Harold Holzer,
  Lincoln and Freedom in Film and Fact: A Look at History and the Movies,Spielberg and the Civil War
Howard Coffin,
  The Vermont Assault on Pickett's Charge
Allen Guelzo,
  "We Had Only to Close our Fingers": George Meade at Williamsport, July 14, 1863

Joseph Glatthaar,
  General Lee’s Army and the Declining Margin for Error
Thomas Desjardin,
  The Joshua Chamberlain You Didn’t Know

Friday, July 5

Ted Alexander,
  Two Retreats: Lee’s Withdrawal from Sharpsburg and Gettysburg, A Comparison
Caroline Janney,
  Returning to the Field of Glory: Veterans at Gettysburg
Barbara Sanders,
  Through the Eyes of Battlefield Surgeons

Matt Atkinson,
  1863: The Siege of Vicksburg
Ed Bearss,
Jake Boritt,
  The Gettysburg Story: America’s Greatest Battle As You Have Never Seen It Before
Troy Harman,
  The Gettysburg Address Reads Like American History

Saturday, July 6

Thomas Huntington,
  George Gordon Meade’s Road to Gettysburg
Thomas Flagel,
  “Enemies No Longer”: The Great Gettysburg Civil War Reunion of 1913
Wayne Motts,
  Gettysburg Treasures in The National Civil War Museum

Michael Halleran,
  Freemasonry in the American Civil War

James Swanson,
  Lincoln, Booth and Davis in Memory and Myth
Carol Reardon,
  The Aftermath of Battle: The Families of Gettysburg’s Union Dead versus the U.S. Pension Bureau
Ron Maxwell,
  Civil War Filmmaking
Bradley Gottfried,
  Who Were the Best and Worst Generals at Gettysburg

Sunday, July 7

Eric Wittenberg,
  Opening the Gettysburg Campaign: The Battle of Brandy Station, June 9, 1863
John Hoptak,
  Gettysburg’s Forgotten Corps Commander: The Life and Career of Major General George Sykes
Sue Boardman,
  Reunion and Commemoration at Gettysburg
James Hessler,
  Sickles at Gettysburg
Scott Hartwig,
  Despair, Defeat, Redemption and Determination: The Army of the Potomac in 1863
Noah Andre Trudeau,
  What Gettysburg Taught Me
William Hewitt,
  Through The Looking Glass: The Reflection of Military History at Gettysburg
Patrick Falci,
  A.P. Hill: Savior or Red Devil