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Sacred Trust Event Schedule

Saturday, June 29

  9:30 a.m.   Garry AdelmanGettysburg in 4D
  10:30 a.m.   Scott Mingus, Sr.Flames Beyond Gettysburg: Jubal Early’s March to the Susquehanna River
  11:30 a.m.   Jeffry WertAn Army Reborn: Lee and His Army from the Seven Days to Gettysburg
  12:30 p.m.   Matthew Pinsker, Samuel Wilkeson’s Gettysburg Address
  1:30 p.m.   Terrence Winschel, Crucial to the Outcome: Vicksburg and the Trans-Mississippi Supply Line
  2:30 p.m.   James McPherson, High Water Marks in the Gettysburg Campaign
  3:30 p.m.   Peter Carmichael, Cowardice at Gettysburg
  4:30 p.m.   Jeff Shaara, History Through Storytelling

Sunday, June 30

  9:30 a.m.   Kent Masterson Brown, George Gordon Meade and the Gettysburg Campaign
  10:30 a.m.   Brooks SimpsonDoesn’t This Look Familiar?: Relying on Experience at Gettysburg
  11:30 a.m.   Ethan Rafuse, “I Did Some Handsome Things for the Country”: Fighting Joe Hooker 
  and his Army of the Potomac
  12:30 p.m.   Harold Holzer, Lincoln and Freedom in Film and Fact: A Look at History and the Movies,
  Spielberg and the Civil War
  1:30 p.m.   Howard Coffin, The Vermont Assault on Pickett's Charge
  2:30 p.m.   Allen Guelzo, "We Had Only to Close our Fingers": George Meade at Williamsport, July 14, 1863
  3:30 p.m.   Joseph Glatthaar, General Lee’s Army and the Declining Margin for Error
  4:30 p.m.   Thomas Desjardin, The Joshua Chamberlain You Didn’t Know

Friday, July 5

  10:30 a.m.   Ted Alexander, Two Retreats: Lee’s Withdrawal from Sharpsburg and Gettysburg, A Comparison
  11:30 a.m.   Caroline Janney, Returning to the Field of Glory: Veterans at Gettysburg
  12:30 p.m.   Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Long Civil War
  1:30 p.m.   Matt Atkinson, Title to come
  2:30 p.m.   Ed Bearss, Gettysburg
  3:30 p.m.   Jake Boritt, The Gettysburg Story: America’s Greatest Battle As You Have Never Seen It Before
  4:30 p.m.   Troy Harman, The Gettysburg Address Reads Like American History

Saturday, July 6

  9:30 a.m.   Thomas Huntington, George Gordon Meade’s Road to Gettysburg
  10:30 a.m.   Thomas Flagel, “Enemies No Longer”: The Great Gettysburg Civil War Reunion of 1913
  11:30 a.m.   Wayne Motts, Gettysburg Treasures in The National Civil War Museum
  12:30 p.m.   Michael Halleran, Freemasonry in the American Civil War
  1:30 p.m.   James Swanson, Lincoln, Booth and Davis in Memory and Myth
  2:30 p.m.   Carol Reardon, The Aftermath of Battle: The Families of Gettysburg’s Union Dead versus
  the U.S. Pension Bureau
  3:30 p.m.   Ron Maxwell, Civil War Filmmaking
  4:30 p.m.   Bradley Gottfried, Who Were the Best and Worst Generals at Gettysburg

Sunday, July 7

  9:30 a.m.   Eric Wittenberg, Opening the Gettysburg Campaign: The Battle of Brandy Station, June 9, 1863
  10:30 a.m.   John Hoptak, Gettysburg’s Forgotten Corps Commander: The Life and Career of
  Major General George Sykes
  11:30 a.m.   Sue Boardman, Reunion and Commemoration at Gettysburg
  12:30 p.m.   James Hessler, Sickles at Gettysburg
  1:30 p.m.   Scott Hartwig, Despair, Defeat, Redemption and Determination: The Army of the Potomac in 1863
  2:30 p.m.   Noah Andre Trudeau, What Gettysburg Taught Me
  3:30 p.m.   William Hewitt, Through The Looking Glass: The Reflection of Military History at Gettysburg
  4:30 p.m.   Patrick FalciA.P. Hill: Savior or Red Devil


For more information: 717-338-1243