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Historian's Council


A consortium of renowned historians lends its collective support and expertise to promote the Gettysburg Foundation’s mission. Gettysburg Foundation Historian’s Council.

Dr. William A. Blair
Professor of American History; Director, George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center
Penn State University

Dr. Gabor S. Boritt
Director Emeritus, Civil War Institute
at the Gettysburg College

Mr. Kent Masterson Brown
Law Offices of Kent Masterson Brown
Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Michael Burlingame
Chancellor Naomi B. Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies
University of Illinois Springfield

Mr. Ken Burns
Director and Producer
Florentine Films

Dr. Peter Carmichael
Fluhrer Professor of Civil War Studies and Director, Civil War Institute
Gettysburg College

Dr. Eric Foner
Dewitt Clinton Professor of History
Columbia University

Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust
President, Harvard University

Dr. Gary W. Gallagher
John L. Nau III Professor in the History of the American Civil War
University of Virginia

Dr. Thavolia Glymph
Associate Professor, African & African American Studies and History
Duke University

Mr. Adam Goodheart
Director, C.V. Starr Center of the Study of the American Experience
Washington College

Dr. Lesley Gordon
Professor, Charles G. Summersell Chair of Southern History
University of Alabama

Mr. Scott Hartwig
Supervisory Historian (Retired)
Gettysburg National Military Park

Mr. Harold Holzer
Jonathan F. Fanton Director
Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute at Hunter College

Dr. Gordon Jones
Director, Exhibits & Collections
Atlanta History Center

Prof. Ervin L. Jordan, Jr.
Associate Professor & Research Archivist Small Special Collections Library and affiliated faculty, John L. Nau III  Center for Civil War History
University of Virginia College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Mr. Lewis Lehrman
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Dr. Louis P. Masur
Professor of American Studies and History
Rutgers University

Dr. James M. McPherson
Professor Emeritus, Department of History
Princeton University

Mr. Wayne E. Motts
Chief Executive Officer
National Civil War Museum

Dr. Matthew Pinsker
Associate Professor of History and Pohanka Chair in American Civil War History
Dickinson College

Dr. Carol Reardon
George Winfree Professor of American History (Retired)
Penn State University

Dr. Aaron Sheehan-Dean
Fred C. Frey Chair in Southern Studies
Louisiana State University

Dr. Nina Silber
Professor of History
Boston University

Dr. Brooks Simpson
Foundation Professor, Arizona State University
Associate Director, Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

Dr. Robert Sutton
Chief Historian
National Park Service

Mr. James L. Swanson
Senior Legal Scholar
The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Craig L. Symonds
Professor Emeritus
United States Naval Academy

Dr. Page Talbott
Principal of Talbott Exhibits and Planning

Dr. Susannah J. Ural
Professor of History, Co-Director, The Dale Center for the Study of War & Society Department of History,
University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Joan Waugh
Associate Professor of History
University of California, Los Angeles

Hon. Frank J. Williams
Chief Justice (Retired)
Rhode Island Supreme Court