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About Richard Bartol Jr.

About Richard Bartol, Jr.

For thirty summers Rick Bartol, Jr. worked at Gettysburg National Military Park as a seasonal Park Ranger teaching Civil War history to visitors. He led by example and defined what it meant to be a good historian, a great teacher and an effective interpreter. Thousands of visitors were the beneficiaries of his good work.

As his full-time profession, Rick taught American History to high school students for nearly thirty years. Countless high school students were inspired by his passion and teaching style and more than a few were so inspired that they became history teachers themselves. In the words of one of Rick’s students, “…his knowledge was not the reason he was such a great teacher of history. It was how he taught what he knew. He had a unique teaching style that gave you a different understanding of history. He taught as if he was telling the story of history, an intriguing story that caught your attention. For all of us, he was an inspiration.” Rick connected students with history by demonstrating his favorite theme, displayed in his classroom: “History is more than the thoughtful examination of who did what, when, and where; it is the thoughtful examination of why they did it, how they did it, and how their actions affect me.”

Rick Bartol, Jr.’s rare ability to genuinely connect with people and show them the relevance to their place in the world, and in turn, history, was the legacy he left on the lives of many.

This is the legacy that the Richard Bartol, Jr. Educators’ Conference strives to impart to today’s students by equipping and inspiring teachers.


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