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Conference Application Instructions

Application Instructions

All applications are due by April14, 2014. The application can be completed and submitted online at A hard copy application is also available. Click here for a hard copy application.

Completed hard-copy applications may be mailed to:

Gettysburg National Military Park
Attn: Education Specialist
1195 Baltimore Pike, Suite 100
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Submission and Notification

Completed applications should be electronically submitted or postmarked no later than April 14, 2014.

Successful applicants will be notified of their selection on Monday, April 28, 2014, and will have until Monday, May 12 to accept or decline the conference invitation.

Application Checklist

In your application, be sure to include:

• A Completed Application Form
• An Application Essay
• Accurate Reference Information

Application Essay

The application essay should be no more than four pages, doublespaced, in length. In the essay, you must address the following:

1. Provide an overview of yourself and your philosophy of education. Explain why you would like to attend this conference and what challenges (if any) you face in teaching  the Civil War era, and/or adapting to Common Core or other curriculum standards.

2. Describe the contextual factors of where you teach. This can include the physical school, community, district or the socio-economic makeup of the students in your classroom and the challenges they face in connecting with Civil War history.


References will be contacted if an educator is being considered for an invitation. It is important that applicants notify references that they may be contacted via e-mail or phone. Applicants must include his or her principal’s information as well as the contact information for one personal and one professional reference.

Selection Criteria

A committee will read and evaluate all properly submitted applications to select qualified applicants across the geographical range. Applicants who are selected will be notified by e-mail and/or phone. The most important consideration in the selection of participants is the potential for the applicant and his or her students to benefit from the enrichment conference. Committee members consider several factors, each of which should be addressed in the application essay. These factors include:

  • Commitment as an educator;
  • Commitment to participate
  • fully in the conference and
  • post-conference program
  • throughout 2015;
  • How the conference will
  • enhance the applicant’s
  • teaching and students’
  • experiences in the classroom;
  • How the applicant plans to use
  • the knowledge gained from
  • the conference to impact those
  • beyond the classroom including
  • other teachers in the district.

Application Checklist

In your application, be sure to include:

  • A Completed Application Form
  • An Application Essay
  • Accurate Reference informaton




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